Uncontrolled pain either acute or chronic carries significant physical, psychological and
emotional toll. It can negatively impact personal and working relationships as well as
overall activities and participation in community life. In fact,  pain is a frequent cause of
social isolation, low self esteem, depression  and interpersonal conflict.

Our physicians and support personnel are here to help you improve your health, eliminate or
decrease your pain and recover your full normal function as quickly as possible.

Our group of physicians include Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Theraphy Specialists,
Interventional Pain Management Specialists, Orthopedic Surgery and Neurosurgery Specialists,
all with extensive training and experience in the field of Physical and Rehabilitation Therapy
Interventional Pain Management, Neuromodulation, Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine,
Neurosurgery, etc., and are always
up-to-date on the latest Diagnostic as well as minimally invasive and various surgical and non-surgical therapeutic modalities.

Your care will be provided by
Board Certified Physician Anesthesiologists, Orthopedic Surgeons and Neurosurgeons all with extensive additional training in the fields of
Physical and Rehabilitation Therapy, Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Sports Medicine, Neurosurgery, Interventional Pain Management, Interventional non-surgical Spine
procedures, i.e., percutaneous intra-discal disc decompression techniques, and Neuromodulation.,i.e., dorsal column spine stimulation.

Dr. Axel Vargas is a practicing Anesthesiologist with extensive experience in the area of  Regional Anesthesia techniques as well as Interventional Pain Management.

His area of expertise includes diagnosis of various forms of acute, chronic and idiopathic pain conditions as well as Interventional Pain Management, non-surgical
Interventional Spine Procedures, i.e., Percutaneous intra-discal disc decompression techniques,  Neuromodulation, i.e., Dorsal Column Spine Stimulation, etc.

He is also quite versed in regenerative medicine techniques that include PRP and Stem Cell injections.

r. Vargas is extensively trained in Surgery, having completed residency in General Surgery prior to enter  the field of Anesthesiology and Intervetional Pain Management.

He is exceptionally highly skilled in the administration of the most complex Regional Anesthetic nerve blocks and performs all Diagnostic and Therapeutic procedures
used in the treatment of various kinds of pain.

A rigorous program of continuing education at River North Pain Management Consultants is focused on maintaining and enhancing the knowledge and skills of the
entire staff. Everyone involved in your care at River North Pain Management Consultants are certified and well prepared to assist you with your needs. Diagnostic and
Therapeutic Intervetional procedures may be  performed on the same day of your initial appointment or on the following appointment.

The practice is equipped with fully-staffed Operating and Recovery rooms as well as equipment for digital-substraction fluoroscopy, Intra-discal procedures,
percutaneous, disc decompression, intradiscal biacuplasty, Dorsal Column Spinal Stimulator placement, Neuroplasty, Vertebroplasty, as well as Radiofrequency
Rhizotomy/ablation  and Coablation Nerve Lesioning, among others.
Axel Vargas, M.D.,  
River North Interventional Pain Management Consultants, S.C.,
Comprehensive Interventional Pain, Orthopedic and Spine Care
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*as of March 2011, we no longer see patients at the IBJI location; if you are a former patient of Dr. Axel Vargas and wish to make an appointment, please call our main office at (888) 951-6471, otherwise call Hope Brown.

*** we also see Patients at these other peripheral officers at:

Orthopedic Associates of Naperville
10 Martin Ave Ste 50
Naperville, IL 60540
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