Team Approach

We understand that in order to serve our patients better
we must work in close collaboration with the referring
physician or surgeon as well as with other specialists
whose expertise may be required.

Since pain is often caused by a combination of factors,
team approach is required for its successful
Therefore a multidisciplinary approach to our patient's
care is the best way to resolve the pain problem in the
most effective and timely manner.

All patients are scheduled and seen IMMEDIATELY
upon referral from his or her health care provider
for an initial consultation.

Our patient coordinator will attempt to obtain all
medical records from the referring doctor’s office and
make them available at the time of the first
appointment. This includes history, physical
examination, operative reports, second and third
opinions, test results, diagnostic radiology results and
any other evaluation results which may be helpful.

Occasionally additional tests may be required before a
treatment plan can be formulated.

Most of the time your treatment will be initiated at the
first appointment.

Once the treatment is successfully completed, our
physicians will closely follow the progress to recovery
and will readily communicate with the referring doctor.
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